Magnetic x-ray scattering: a brief overview from the beginning to the present status
Magnetic Materials in Synchrotron and XFEL X-ray light, VIII. Research Course on New X-ray
Sciences, February 18-20, 2009 at DESY, Hamburg

Resonant magnetic x-ray and polarized neutron analysis of magnetic films and superlattices
Hercules 2009, Grenoble, March 30, 2009

Order and Frustration in Artificial Magnetic Nanopatterns
Joint European - Japanese Conference on Frustration in Condensed Matter Ecole Normale
Superieure de Lyon, May 12-15, 2009.

Magnetic heterostructures and nanostructures
Swedisch Neutron Scattering Society, Uppsala May 22, 2009

Polarized neutrons for the analysis of magnetic thin films and superlattices
11th International Conference on Advanced Materials ICAM2009 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 20-25, 2009

GISANS and GISAXS for the analysis of magnetic nanostructures
GISAS 2009, Hasylab, Hamburg September 20-23, 2009

X-ray and neutron studies of magnetic nanostructures
Seminar, Argonne National Laboratory, October 8, 2009

Interfaces in Nanomagnetism
Sam Bader Symposium, Chicago, October 10, 2009

Photons and Neutrons: A Key to Magnetic Nanostructures
"Neutrons and Photons as Probes of Matter" , Heraeus Seminar, December 13-16, 2009 in Bad Honnef/Germany.