Radioaktivität im Alltag
Saturday Morning Physics: 10. Februar 2001, Museum Bochum

Tunability of Thin Film Magnetic Properties with Hydrogen
Eastmag 2001, Ekaterinburg, February 26-March2, 2001

Magnetic thin films and superlattices
11th HERCULES COURSE, April 10, 2001, Grenoble, France

Magnetic thin films
International SFB workshop: Quantum Materials, June, 6-8, 2001 Haus Rissen, Hamburg

What does synchrotron radiation reveal about nanostructured films?
Workshop: Research with Synchrotron Radiation Erlangen 19.-20. Juli 2001

Magnetic Heterostructures Recent results from the SFB 491
International workshop on Ferromagnetic-Semiconductor Nanostructures July 23-26, 2001, Regensburg

Hydrogen: Fundamentals and Applications
Workshop: Hydrogen Economy for Iceland, 24. September 2001, Iceland

X-ray and neutron studies on thin magnetic films
Belgium Crystallography Society, 24. October 2001, Brüssel, Belgien

Tunability of the exchange coupling in magnetic multilayers with hydrogen
American Vacuum Society, San Francisco, October 29-November 2, 2001 (talk presented by O. Hellwig)

Heteroschichtstrukturen: Grundlagen und Anwendungen
Materialwissenschaftlicher Tag, Bergische Universit¨ at Wuppertal, 9. November 2001

Magnetic heterostructures as seen by x-rays and neutrons
International workshop: Materials as seen by Photons and Neutrons, 7-9. December, 2001, Budapest, Hungary