Macroscopic density modes and phase transitions of hydrogen in metals
6. TMR meeting, Arnheim, 10. – 15. September 2000

Oxide formation on epitaxial metal films
6. TMR meeting, Arnheim, 15. September 2000

Neutron reflectometry on magnetic heterostructures: recent cutting edge experiments and new developments in instrumentation
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Magnetic thin layers
International School on Recent Developments in Neutron Scattering,
Les Houches, 2. – 12. Mai 2000

Polarisierte Neutronenstreuung an magnetischen Heteroschichten
Regensburg, 27. – 31. März 2000

Magnetic thin films and multilayers
Hercules X Euroconference , 6. – 9. April 2000

Magnetismus dünner Schichten: Experimente mit Neutronenstreuung
Universität Tübingen, 17. Mai 2000

Spin frustration effects in thin Cr films
International workshop on Vortices, solitons and frustration phenomena in 2D systems, Dresden, 14. Januar 2000

Magnetic heterostructures: Structural and transport properties
Zabel and W. Keune:
Magnetoelektronik Statusseminar, Dresden, 14. – 16. Juni 2000

Magnetismus von dünnen Cr-Schichten: Spin Frustration, Skalierung und Proximity Effekte
Universität Rostock, 8. Juni 2000

Phonons in layered compounds
Warnemünde, 30. August 2000

Spin density waves in thin films
Warnemünde, 31. August 2000

Thin film magnetism investigated via neutron and x-ray scattering
Oxford, England, 26. Oktober 2000

Thin film magnetism investigated via neutron and x-ray scattering
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Polarized neutron reflectometry of magnetic heterostructures
JASR, International Conference Advances of Neutron Scattering Research, Tokai, Japan, 30.1.-3.11.2000