X-ray Diffraction (XRD)

Two X-ray diffraction systems are available in our laboratories for investigating the crystal structure of thin films and powders. System 1 is a small angle XRD capable of measuring properties such as the crystallinity of powders, the thickness of thin films, the rocking curve of single crystals, and miscuts in crystal surfaces. System 2 is capable of diffraction topography imaging for monitoring crystal quality and defects, and also high resolution XRD.

XRD System 1: Small Angle XRD

  • Philips PW1830 X-ray generator with Cu anode
  • Vertical X-ray diffractometer
  • Debye-Scherrer camera
  • Back-reflection Laue camera


XRD system 1.

XRD System 2: High Resolution and Topographical XRD

  • Philips PW3830 X-ray generator with Mo anode
  • 2 Huber diffractometers
    • Reflection measurements (diffraction topography)
      • Göbel-mirror
    • High resolution X-ray scattering
      • Si monochromator


XRD System 2.