Scanning Electron Microscope

A Quanta 200 FEG scanning electron microscope (SEM) allows high resolution imaging of a wide range of samples. Three modes are available: high vacuum, low vacuum, and environmental (ESEM) mode, making it possible to study samples in pressures up to 5 Torr. Energy dispersive X-ray (EDX) and wavelength dispersive X-ray (WDX) detectors are available for elemental analysis and chemical characterization of samples. In addition, a RAITH e-beam tool allows for the synthesis of nanostructures 0.1 nm - 100 um in size through the lithography of spin coated resists.

Quanta 200 FEG

  • High resolution SEM
  • 3 Vacuum Modes
    • High vacuum (p=10−6 mbar)
    • Low vacuum (0.1 mbar < p < 1.4mbar)
    • Avoiding gold coating of insulating samples
    • Extended vacuum mode (ESEM) (up to 40mbar)
  • Sample stage
    • Motorized stage (50 mm x/y travel, z-range of 25 mm)
    • Cooling stage down to -5°C allows cooling the sample below the dew point of water
    • Heating stage up to 1000°C
  • Detectors
    • Everhard Thornley detector for secondary electrons (SE)
    • Secondary electrons (SE)
    • Back-scattered electrons (BSE)
    • Solid state detector for back-scattered electrons (BSE)
    • Energy dispersive X-ray detector (EDX)
    • Wavelength dispersive X-ray detector (WDX)
    • SE detectors for low vacuum and the ESEM mode
  • Raith Quanta lithography unit e-beam writing tool