Molecular Beam Epitaxy System


Our molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) system is capable of growing single crystal thin metal layers with atomic precision. This system is used to prepare thin layers and superlattices to investigate structural phase transitions, magnetic exchange interactions, and magnetorresistance phenomena.

  • Metal MBE Chamber (p < 5.0 x 10-11 mbar)
    • 3'' substrate holder (RT – 1300°C)
    • 3 Knudsen cells (Dy, Ho, Cr)
    • 2 electron beam evaporators (Co, V, Pd, Y, Nb)
    • Quartz crystal microbalance for monitoring growth rate
    • In-situ RHEED analysis
    • Mass spectrometer (residual gas analysis)
  • Central Chamber (p < 7.0 x 10-10 mbar)
    • LEED analysis
  • Loadlock Chamber (p < 3.0 x 10-7 mbar)
    • Heating station (300 - 900K)
    • Oxygen or hydrogen gas input


MBE System.

mbe design

Schematic of the MBE system design.