Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie
NB 02/170
Universitätsstr. 150
44780 Bochum
Tel: +49 (234) 32 - 23445
Fax: +49 (234) 32 - 14447

Train travel and public transport

At Bochum’s main train station, ICE, IC, EC, regional trains and city trains arrive and depart in quick succession. You can reach the Ruhr-University, which has its own station, easily by catching the underground (U-Bahn) train U35 (CampusLinie). On workdays, the U35 (going to Bochum Hustadt) departs in five-minute intervals, and it takes less than 10 minutes to go from the main train station to the university station.

How to reach us by car

Motorists can reach the Ruhr-Universität easily via Germany’s – and especially North Rhine-Westphalia’s – dense motorway network. The fastest route is that via the motorway junction Bochum/Witten, where the motorways A43 and A44 meet. Simply take the exit for Bochum-Querenburg, follow the signs for “Ruhr-Universität” and, once there, look for the (electronic) information boards.

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